Saturday 8 September 2012

And again

Well suffered yet another knock back today and feel so low, don't think my self esteem can stand anymore so going to give it all up for awhile,

On a positive note have had a lovely few hours at a local show which was much larger than expected and have a fun day planned for tomorrow with my darling boys and hubby.


  1. hi hun, dont give up....amanda

  2. Ziggy, are you okay hun? Do you need to talk to someone? Gentle hugs Karen x

  3. Hi Karen,

    I'll be fine just a little fed up of constantly being knocked back so giving myself a break I am so critical of my own work so when I get knocked back I take it to heart. I know its not some peoples fault but I find it very demoralising when I keep seeing the same names appearing on numerous dt's its so hard to get a break when you are unknown

    At the moment I am designing just for fun for me.

    I have alot to be thankful for I have two special little boys and darling hubby,


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