Tuesday 27 August 2013

Anonymous Stamps

I have been drooling at all the picture frames that have a final initial stuck to the class and that is stylised, so when I saw this fab digital stamp from Anonymous Stamps I just knew what I wanted to make.  As the design is so delicate in places it wasn't possible to cut it out on my blackcat, but I thought of a way round it I reverse printed it on Safmat and stuck the image on to the reverse of the glass.

I am thrilled with the finished item, the beauty of having a clear glass picture is that when I move it from one room to another, that has different colour paint, I get a new picture.

For the benefit of the photo I placed a white sheet behind to make the image stand out but when its in my lounge near the window the design really does stand out.

just to prove it is clear hear it is with a piece of coloured paper placed at an angle underneath
My next item to get a makeover using this terrific monodoodle is going to be one of my pillow cases, I will upload picture later.

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  1. Love this Cant wait to see your pillow Cases Hugs Sandra xx


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