Wednesday 14 August 2013

Stamping Dragon Designs

Well a few nights ago I discovered a new to me facebook group called Stamping Dragon Designs.

They run challenges but unlike other groups they reward you for participating with loyalty points and eventually when you have sufficient points you then get money to spend in their online shop which I think is a fantastic incentive to join in and showcase your skills.

One of their challenges this month is to colour in a really cute Christmas elf
Any how here is my card looks, after I had digitally coloured it and printed and assembled hope you all like


  1. I think your card looks great. I've coloured thevdigi in already, funnily enough with a similar colour scheme, but haven't finished assembling it yet. I think the loyalty points scheme is fantastic as well.

  2. Well done Ziggy, love the colours of this one. May have to have a look at this site.


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